Slate Planter Pot

These exclusive outdoor slate planters from Slateofchina are high above any other flower pots. Each piece is unique due to the fact that is carved by hand using traditional methods. Depending on the nature of each block of stone, special effects are obtained: color variations, veinings or irregularities. The rustic appearance of these slate pots makes them blend in with the surrounding landscape and at the same time maintain their distinct personality. Made exclusively of natural slate, these planter pots are a green, eco-friendly product, and are designed to host succulents and other desert flowers. So why keep those conventional flower pots? Shifting towards green and practical products like these slate planters from Slateofchina is the best alternative.

Slateofchina offer craft slate:flowerpot, stone flowerpot, slate flowerpot.

Resistance to Acid and Pollutants

Custom-built sizs.


Cubic flowerpot was maded up by 5pieces slate. Two length slate:300*150*10mm or 500x500x20mm

two width slate:150*150*10mm. There are two holes in bottom slate.


Slate has a wild side. It's known mainly as the dependably dark gray material of roof tiles, flooring tile,flagstone walks, villa,church,craft and old school blackboards.

Technically, slate is a dense, fine-grain, clayey metamorphic rock that splits readily into thin but durable slabs. Minerals present in the rock cause its colors to vary widely--often within a single tile. Made up of layers, slate has a naturally uneven texture and a less formal look than surface-ground granite or marble, but its extremely durable, slip resistant, stain resistant, and fireproof.

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