Slate Chippings

Slate Stone Gravel, Tumbled Stone Chips Crushed Slate for Driveway, Garden Landscaping

Slate, the durable stone used for construction is also available in the form of slate chips. Either naturally occurring or mechanically chipped, these easy to use chips, can be simply spread over the area, which needs to be covered. They can be applied directly on top of grass or dirt. Slate chips are used as a base for paths and larger pieces as fences. The naturally occurring slate chips are widely used as topside material. Slate chips can also be used with a synthetic weed barrier to cut down or eliminate weed growth. A barrier that allows water penetration is recommended. To achieve attractive and professional looking results, make sure to completely cover the barrier with a generous layer of slate chips. Size: 30-40mm,40-70mm or as per customers' requirments Thick:4-7mm
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