7ft pool table slate single piece

Slateofchina Stone Ltd supply the best Chinese quality slate.We have price advantage by owning quarry and factory, the low production cost of rural area keeps our products very competitive.
We strictly have producing and testing assure the horizontal playing surface of our slate, the accurate hole-distance and the cutting of the pockets.
1) sizes:
12ft 3658X1867X45mm 12'X6'1-1/2"X1-3/4"(5PCS)
12ft 3658X1867X38mm 12'X6' 1-1/2"X1-1/2"(5PCS)
11ft 3300X1700X38mm (5PCS)
10ft 3048X1562X38mm 10'X5'1-1/2"X1-1/2" (5PCS)
10ft 3048X1524X38mm 10'X5'X1-1/2" (5PCS)

2)with bolt and nut

3)weight :
12ft-45mm; 850kgs/sets
12ft-38mm; 710kgs/sets
11ft-38mm; 600kgs/sets
10ft-38mm; 500kgs/sets

wooden crates
12ft-45mm; 2sets per crate
12ft-38mm; 3sets per crate
11ft-38mm; 3sets per crate
10ft-38mm; 3sets per crate

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