Loose Strip Wall Cladding Slate

Loose Strip Wall Cladding Slate

stacking stone veneer are very popular with developers of apartments, villas, retail shops, bars, and restaurants.A range of exciting products that can be used to create dynamic and unique surfaces from Slate, Mica Schist, Sandstone and Quartzite.Matching Corner Panels are also available.Other colors are available.Veneer Panels are easily installed over concrete or wood framework.

Cultural stone a natural work of art, which is unique for her nature, color and grain, and it also presents the primitivism of stone. Nowadays, cultural slate is extremely popular with most urbanites.

1). Hard unique texture, discoloration, zero-radiation, no light pollution, acid resistance, heat-resistance

and antifreeze

2). Size: 60*15cm, 50*16cm; Thickness: 8-15mm, 15-25mm

3). Brilliant but primitive colours, elegant temperament & simple beauty

4). The natural lamination reflects the change of light and shadow on the wall,

and also express the strength of nature and the touchable history.

5). It can satisfy people’s desire of close to nature in this modern society.

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