Diamond shape roofing slate

Diamond shape roofing slate

Slate with low water absorption, easy installation, easy to clean, good acid resistance, heat-resistance and antifreeze. Non-radioactive substances. It is widely used in outdoor roofing, paver, and cladding. Size: 300 x 200mm; 400 x 250mm; 500 x 250mm; 600 x 300 mm Thickness: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm Available Color: Black, Green, Blue and Rusty Yellow

Size:60x45,60x30,50x30,50x25,40x25,40x20,30x30,40x40,54x54,60x60,31x47 cm etc

Thickness 0.5-0.7cm,0.6-0.8cm,0.9-1.1cm,1.2-1.5cm and up

Color:black,green,grey,rusty,mutilcolor etc

Packing:fumigated wooden crate

Delivery time:about 7days a container

With drilled hole.

Any shape.

With EN12326 certificate,grade A quality.

100years no fading is guaranteed.

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