7ft pool table slate single piece

7ft pool table slate single piece

Chinese Competetive Price High Quality Stone Billiard Pool Table Braille Slate Size 1944x1032x20mm 1pcs per set. Quality Assurance During the whole production process, from raw material choosing, cutting, finishing to packing, Our QC will strictly inspect each piece and control each process to ensure quality standards and timely delivery.

Benefits of slate billiards table Let me tell you the difference between a billiard table and a slate billiard table. What is slate?Slate is a kind of very heavy, fine-grained, leafy and homogeneous metamorphic rock. Billiard table manufacturers use slate because it is flat and light. Slate adds hundreds of pounds to the billiards table, which increases stability and allows accurate billiards games. All billiards tables may look the same, but the performance of stone billiards tables will be better than non stone billiards tables for many years. Quality grade (top grade, top grade, Grade A)

Black Slate is a popular and good material for Snooker And Billiard Pool Table, We use CNC automatic
high-end billiard table SLATE production line, processing technology all add two dry grinding, to stabilize the deformation characteristics of the SLATE, a total of 9 times of grinding table board, a total of 7 times of grinding high-precision SLATE,advanced technology, exquisite workmanship
The slate for billiard board is from deep best quarry. It is very flat , very good as billiard bumper. It is a best slate material  for pool table.

Product Name

Factory Natural Black Slate Billiard Table 


Natural Slate


One piece in one set, three pieces in one set, or five pieces in one set.

Normal Size

(3658X1867X45) 5PCS /Set, (3658X1867X40) 5PCS /Set, (3658X1867X25) 5PCS /Set,
(3300X1700X40) 5PCS /Set, (3300X1700X25) 5PCS /Set, (3048X1564X40) 5PCS /Set,
(3048X1564X25) 5PCS /Set, (2750X1410X40) 5PCS /Set. (2750X1410X25) 5PCS /Set,
(2750X1448X25) 5PCS /Set, (2413X1295X25) 3PCS /Set, (2413X1295X22) 1PCS /Set,
(2160X1168X25) 5PCS /Set, (2160X1168X25) 1PCS /Set, etc.


Solid fumigated wooden crates

Terms of payment

T/T, 30% deposit, the balance before shipment

Delivery time

15-20 days after receiving the deposit

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